When it comes to eating at Abrahamsgården, we have chosen to make it a bit complicated for us. We're often told that we should start a summer cafe, because that's when the *background* is there. But we don't want to become just another seasonal business that closes as soon as the tourists leave. The whole idea of ​​Abrahamsgården is to contribute to a vibrant countryside and the alternative life you can live here.

    We cook and bake bread when the family and the season allow. We don't have fixed opening hours, not even during the summer, but open up when we think we have something really good going on. Sometimes other food artisans, chefs and bakers come to visit and do their thing. We advertise our food events well in advance so that everyone has the opportunity to come here.


    Erik Normark has won bronze in the Pizza Championship, worked as a baker at Printz Bageri in Stallarholmen and also managed to bake for a while in New York. Now he lives 500 meters from us and bakes sourdough bread and pastries on the farm on selected occasions. At most, he has baked over 700 loaves of bread, buns and cakes, but sometimes he still runs out. Make sure to arrive on time! The flour comes from Warbro mill. Milk, cream and butter come from Järna Dairy. Fruit and berries come from our own or our neighbours' gardens. The coffee comes from Gamla Snickeriets Kafferosteri in Säter.

    Are you a larger group that wants to book the farm for an event?