The candlesticks are designed by Abrahamsgården and manufactured by blacksmith Carina Nolåkers. She is educated at Sätergläntan's blacksmith training (2001–2002) and has since been active in her own forge outside Borlänge. The manufacturing process involves a variety of steps, from heating the iron to drawing it out, tapping and bending it by hand. Each candlestick is based on Carina's sense of free form, but the inspiration is taken from Norbergsån, which winds its way just below Abrahamsgården. The collection consists of two candlesticks – NOR1 with one arm and NOR3 with three arms.


The upper floor at Abrahamsgården has been a handicrafts and arts and crafts shop since the late 60s, where making has had to take center stage. In the middle of the premises, the then owner Lilian Fernqvist used to spin while she received visitors to the shop.

Today, there are over 20 different craftsmen represented in the store. They have workshops, forges, weaving sheds and glassworks all over Sweden, but the majority come from our neighboring area Västmanland and Dalarna. We are drawn to the small-scale and genuine manufacturing that is everywhere but that rarely reaches the store shelves of the big chains. The focus is on various utility items and interior details, but we also have a selected range of food crafts.


A restaurant? A bakery? A cafe? Eating at Abrahamsgården is a bit complicated. We cook and bake bread when the family and the season allow. We don't have fixed opening hours, not even during the summer, but open up when we think we have something good going on. Sometimes other food artisans come to visit and do their thing. We advertise our events well in advance on Instagram. Sometimes you need to make a reservation, but usually it's fine to just drop in.


Why rake away your apples when they can become must? Every late summer we collect apples from all kinds of gardens in Norberg and the surrounding area. In our small mustery, we squeeze the juice out of the apples and then pasteurize the must for longer shelf life. We bottle all bottles and cases by hand. You are left with a product you can store for over a year, instead of a lawn full of overripe fruit. (If you don't have your own apples, of course it's fine to buy our must in the store too!)


  • Galleri Norberg has a parking space right at the back of Abrahamsgården. Otherwise, Frida Hansdotter Arena's parking lot is 100 meters away. You can also charge your electric car here.

  • Read more at Visit Norberg

  • The houses on the farm are private residences and you cannot therefore visit them. We who own the business live in the house with the B on it, if you can't find us on the farm, just knock!

  • Keep an eye on our instagram ! We post the dates well in advance.

    Note that it is not permitted to bring your own food, coffee or alcohol into the farm or into the shop.

  • The farm is not currently accessible. The shop is on an upper floor with stairs.

  • Dogs on a leash are warmly welcome! On the farm live the cats Birger and Bror, who move both in the shop and outdoors.